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Fight for America


In 1937 Joan Miró created a work called Aidez L’Espagne in support of the Spanish Republic when it was under attack by the Fascists.

I made this version of his print in solidarity with Americans after the election in 2016. And by ‘America’, I refer to the idea America is, not nationalism.

He wrote:

“Dans la lutte actuelle, je vois du côté fasciste les forces périmées, de l’autre côté le peuple dont les immenses ressources créatrices donneront à l’Espagne un élan qui étonnera le monde”, which translates as: 

“In today’s fight, I see on the fascist side antiquated forces, on the other side a people whose immense creative resources shall give to Spain an élan that will astonish the world”

Élan = momentum.



January 26, 2018